Throughout his nearly twenty-year career, Ronny has created a range of work that has built and strengthened the reputations of iconic brands and ignited conversation. He has influenced cultural issues by reframing the narratives around teen smoking, HIV testing, climate change, soda consumption and autism. Ronny is a creative leader with a history of bringing tech, strategy, entertainment, art and design across all channels, with a knack for building cross-disciplinary teams powered by just the right mix of talent and positive energy.

He has led and won major pitches that have doubled and tripled the size of great agencies and grown agency cultures and client business to show up big at the shows and clinch major network acquisitions. He has launched three effective innovation labs for three different agencies and directed the external communications and PR strategies for all agency creative projects. He spent two years teaching at the Miami Ad School and he has mentored many young creative people throughout their careers. His work has won every major industry award including three gold cyber lions and the coveted D&AD black pencil, and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, CNN, CNBC and spoofed on Chappelle’s Show.

Ronny lives in San Anselmo, CA with his wife Mary and their daughter, Simone, a fuzzy little mutt named Josephine and a Siamese cat called Omar. Before making ads, Ronny played drums and percussion in a band, traveled solo and worked his way around the world for over two years, wrote a book of short stories based on those travels and bartended for many-a-night in many-a-bar. He is most passionate about daddying, drumming, gardening, traveling, running and the environment.